The Biggest Internet Loophole (And How To Earn From It In Just 5 Minutes Everyday)

The Biggest Internet Loophole (And How To Earn From It In Just 5 Minutes Everyday)

Every now and again the internet throws up some real loopholes. One in particular stands out, and if you’re interested in making some fast pocket money then you should check out the concept of sports arbitrage in more detail. Imagine being able to bet on both sides of a sporting event – so that no matter what the result you walk away with a guaranteed profit. Well that’s exactly what arbitrage betting is about – and thanks to the hundreds of bookmakers that continue to offer online services this arbitrage loophole is growing with more and more opportunities to claim guaranteed cash every day. The best thing is that it’s completely legal, simple to do and once you start chances are you’ll get hooked with the guaranteed and fast money that’s there for the take.

Before you get too excited lets take a moment to understand the mechanics behind arbitrage – an age old concept that has been used by banks and businesses for centuries. Arbitrage simply is an inconsistency in the market – where for example due to global differences the same product or service is charged at different prices in different locations. How is this applied to sports betting? An arbitrage opportunity is formed when different bookies have different prices for different outcomes in a particular sporting event. The bottom line is that we can place bets to cover both (all) outcomes with different bookmakers and get back more than we invested each and every time. It’s important to remember that this is a form of investment and not betting – with arbitrage you know your exact return before a ball is kicked or a stroke played. It’s also important to remember that arbitrage returns are generally low – on average yielding 5% to 10% per play – but for an investment that lasts for a couple of hours, that’s pretty good.

Why Do Arbitrage Opportunities Occur?

Arbitrage opportunities occur when there are differences of opinion on a particular sporting event between two or more bookmakers. Remember that thanks to globalization and the internet you can use an online bookmaker who is based anywhere in the world. There are many reasons why bookmakers may offer wildly different odds on the same sporting event. For a start, many bookmakers overstretch themselves when offering odds – they try and cover every possible market to get as many customers as possible.

This is great news for us because in doing so they will sometimes offer odds on events that they have little or no expert knowledge in. For example, a bookmaker in the USA may know very little about English Division 2 football games, and yet offer odds on them. In contrast, an English bookmaker will be much more “clued up” as to the likely outcomes from the same games. The result? Wildly different odds on the same games, and a feast of arbitrage opportunities and free money for us. And remember, everyday more and more online bookmakers are entering the highly lucrative online gambling market – this is great news for us because the number of juicy arbitrage opportunities will grow well into the future! Also, bookmakers are busy people – and when they are forced to offer odds in pressurized situations they can sometimes make mistakes! Again – leading to a nice stream of easy arbitrage pickings.

How To Start Earning From Sports Arbitrage

Now we have a firm understanding of how arbitrage works and what causes them we’re going to see how best to spot them, and how to organise your time for maximum efficiency.

As an arbitrage trader it’s vital that you construct a daily checklist of events that you wish to investigate. It’s very handy to buy a diary specifically for your arbitrage trades and jot down the specific events you’ll be hunting for arbitrages in. Make this a routine – for instance, perhaps on a particular Saturday you want to check the English football Premiership fixtures, the tennis fixtures and the one day cricket series between India and England. Do not randomly hunt for arbitrage opportunities without a system firmly in place.

The traditional way to approach sports arbitrage trading is to have a daily list of sporting events and work through them one by one.

If you take this systematic approach with each sporting event you have on your checklist your chances of finding an arbitrage are very good.